Yoga For Improving Kidney Health

Did you know that yoga can improve kidney health? 

Our kidneys are one of the main organs in our urinary system and are highly affected by stress. Since one of their primary functions is to filter blood, poor circulation and restricted blood vessels can wreak havoc! Any type of exercise that you can fit into your day is fantastic to keep your circulation fluid. But if you're someone who practices yoga, or has taken interest in yoga, this is your sign to start now! There's something unique about yoga that can help treat the kidney like no other exercise.   

Yoga is one of my favorite exercises to do when I need strengthening or balancing because I can focus on a specific area through my postures and intention. I’ve been practicing yoga for years, but it wasn’t until I experienced kidney stones that I started using it medicinally. Upon diagnosis, I increased my fluid intake to treat the kidney stones, and began to learn several “Asanas”. Asanas are physical postures that you hold with specific awareness and focus which helps to regulate the kidneys. This is a great example of how yoga and treat your urinary system! My suggestion is to ddd these asanas into your workout routine to increase blood flow, oxygen and detoxification of the kidneys. 

Sphinx Pose

Sitting Spinal Twist

Cobra Pose

Two-legged Forward Bend

Bridge Pose

Boat Pose 

Written by CURE's Manager, Beverly Pagano

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