Why Your Hair Needs Clean Air

Like our skin, our hair needs oxygen and nutrients. What we put in our bodies will affect our hair growth. Our hair grows like a plant, and it is important to breathe in clean air for our hair’s health. The scalp, being at the very top, can always use more stimulation and oxygen. Using oxygenating hair products along with drinking lots of water is very important for your hair’s health. During these trying times, when we are required to wear facial masks and are exposed to poor air quality due to wildfires, we must do all that we can to breathe in clean air.  Maintaining a healthy respiratory system is very important for the scalp and hair. Dr. Benya has a wonderful shampoo and conditioning scalp treatment system for this. I highly recommend trying them out! My tips for you this month are to go get some fresh air and oxygenate as much as possible ❤

Written by Lisa Frangipane, Salon

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