Why You Need Laser Before Summer Hits!

Why you need hair laser removal now before summer! 


If you’re planning on getting out in your bathing suit as much as possible this summer and you want to avoid the annoyance of shaving every single day or going through painful wax treatments, plucking, or tweezing, then now is the time for you to think about about getting laser hair removal. 


After completing a treatment of laser hair removal at our medspa, you’ll have weeks of smooth, hair-free skin. With enough treatments, your hair regrowth will be minimal to permanently gone. Your results will depend on your skin type as well as how often you get treatments. For most, after completing the recommended number of treatments, you’ll only need one to two sessions a year to maintain.


Once completing your treatment sessions, you’ll be able to be just throw on your bathing suit and soak up the rays instead of worrying about plucking, shaving, waxing, tweezing, or using hair-removal creams. Plus you’ll be getting back hours of your life since you’ll no longer need to worry about unsightly body hair at all. 


How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved procedure used at medical spas across the country. Laser hair removal uses a high-energy laser to target the melanin in dark hairs while not damaging the skin around them. The high-energy laser will focus a beam of light at the root of each of your hair follicles. This will damage the follicle and stop it from growing. The most common places to get treated are the legs, bikini line, underarms, upper lip, and chin. 


Each laser pulse takes less than a second and targets multiple hairs at once. It feels much like a quick snap of a rubber band against your skin. For most people, it’s not very painful. If your skin is particularly sensitive, your trained esthetician may apply a topical numbing cream to help alleviate the pain. Many people report that it is considerably less painful than waxing. 


After a treatment, you might notice a minimal amount of skin irritation or pigment changes that should go away within a few hours. 


Shortly after your treatment, you may notice the hair begin to shed, which is a sign that the treatment was successful. You’ll then have entirely smooth skin for four to six weeks. Hair growth should resume after that time period. When you see those fine hairs growing back in, it’s then time to schedule your next treatment. 


Why it makes sense to schedule treatments now

Prior to your treatments, you’ll need to let your hair grow in. This is one reason why it’s ideal to start your hair laser removal treatment sessions in the winter or cool spring months because then you can wear sweaters, long pants, etc. to cover up as your hair grows in. The hot weather of the summer months will make it difficult to hide your hair growing in if you’re needing to wear shorts and tank-tops or bathing suits.  


You’ll also need to let your hair grow out between treatment sessions. Your skin will be smooth and hair-free for likely around four to six weeks. After that time, you’ll start to see fine hairs returning, and then you’ll need to have your next session. Again, it’ll be easier for you to hide this hair regrowth if you’re able to wear clothes to cover up. 


Also while you’re getting hair laser removal treatments, you will want to avoid long periods of sun exposure. The harsh UV rays can irritate your skin following your treatment sessions, causing redness. This also can make it difficult getting treatments during the warm summer months since it’s unlikely you’re going to want to stay inside for a few days to help your skin avoid the harsh rays following each of your treatments. 


Even though it’s only March, summer will be here before you know it. It usually takes between four to eight treatments over a six month period to fully treat an area, so you must consider that when scheduling your treatments. You don’t want to waste precious time inside during the beautiful summer months just because you decided to schedule your laser hair removal treatments too late. You especially want to be out there enjoying the warm weather and sunshine without having to worry about unsightly body hair!


Schedule your first laser hair removal treatment today before beach weather arrives. Plus, if you buy a package of five sessions this month at the Malibu Medical Group, you get a sixth one free! Call 310-456-1458 to buy a laser hair removal package today. 

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