Why You Need A Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is when a therapist incorporates flat heated stones in place of the massage therapist’s hands. Light, medium, or deep pressure can be applied by the therapist and this allows deeper penetration into the muscles. The heat will allow for blood vessels to dilate/expand, and allow for better circulation, stimulation of blood flow, and detoxification. It helps dense, stiff muscles to relax and relieves pain in those muscles. It also helps increase joint flexibility.

Hot stone massages are beautiful ways to enhance relaxation, sleep better and melt tension away! During your massage, or at the end of your massage, you may have an amazing and profound deep sense of peace and comfort. So with all that being said, I hope to see you at Cure Wellness Center soon for your amazing hot stone massage. These massages are a wonderful way to start the holidays and a great way to maintain a healthy way of living. CURE is selling gift cards so that you can give your loved ones the gift of peace and serenity.

Written by: Teri Chavez, Massage Therapy

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