Tips to De-Stress

It’s important to find ways to decompress from life’s stresses and to maintain physical and mental health. Below are a few tips to help you de-stress.

Identify Triggers

Try to identify situations and people that trigger stressful reactions. Understanding how stress manifests in your life can help you eliminate the triggers and find balance.

Enjoy the stillness

Whether you meditate or go for a peaceful walk in nature, finding some quiet time can help us find the space to process as well as contribute to creative thinking.


Exercise boosts endorphins boosts endorphins which an elevate your mood as well as contribute to your overall physical health.

Breathe Deep

In times of stress, breathing in a slow, steady flow of oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide in the same manner, can lower the adverse effects of the stress hormone cortisol, and it helps lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Listen to your favorite music

Research has shown that listening to music, like deep breathing, can have a positive impact on reducing stress as it quiets our physiological functions and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Slow classical (or instrumental) music is known to be especially rejuvenating.

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