Thinking of an Outdoor Wedding? Malibu is the Right Place for You

The city of Malibu, located in California, is the jewel of this state's crown. With wonderful natural landscapes, growing industry and commerce, exclusive places to retreat, and many breathtaking scenarios to say I do, we assure you will find the perfect spot to make your special day a wonderful and unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

As we all know, Malibu is very well known by the beaches and its coast scenarios, but this natural attractiveness is not the only quality this city has for the loving couples that desire to say I Do in an original and outstanding place to remember it when the time comes by.

The California state is famous for its glamour, the various natural wonder you can encounter in every corner, but especially for the delicious Mediterranean weather that guarantees you will have a perfect ceremony with a great shot and unforgettable moments with your lover and your most dear friends and family.

Dry and warm summers rarely visit for rains, mild winters, and occasional fogs near the coast accompanied by terrific mountains, beaches, and rock formations make Malibu the perfect place to gather all your loved ones and sealing your love celebrating love and nature.

In this article, we are going to present you with a complete wedding plan to help you to get a perfect date, all with the help of Cure Salon & Spa.

Malibu’s best places and dates to get married

The “Bu” as warmly known by surfers and habitants, is a 27 mile of true and diverse natural beauty willing to offer you in almost every corner the perfect scenery for sealing your love in ways everyone will remember.

Malibu has a place for all tastes: from vineyards to traditional beaches, elegant saloons passing on wide-open spaces and high-end enclaves, this city is the perfect wedding destination for all the lovers that adore nature, sunny weather and are looking for stunning places to say I Do.

Wedding dates you need to avoid in California

Before describing some wonderful wedding venues, we advise you to take note of the busiest times a year at California State to avoid the traffic and tourist jams associated with these dates and enjoy an event centered in you and your celebration of love.

Some of these events include:

  • Academy and Grammy Awards, Los Angeles (Early- to mid-February)
  • Auto Club 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Inland Empire (Mid- to late-March)
  • Coachella, Indio, California (Mid-April)
  • Castroville's Artichoke Food & Wine Festival, Castroville (Early June)
  • July 4th Fireworks Spectacular, Hollywood Bowl (July 4)
  • Los Angeles County Fair, Los Angeles (Early September)

Malibu venues that will take your breath away

We are pretty sure that, if you choose this beautiful city, it has to be because of the amazing beaches, the mountain and rock formation but also because of the traditional businesses with an ocean hint and sustainable philosophy or the glamorous and radiant glow that been near to Los Angeles means.

In order to give you a set of different selection for you to make your final choices, here are our top venues in the sunny Malibu.

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

This venue inspires in French luxury and located in the gorgeous coastal area of Malibu has a breathtaking landscapes that include an infinity pool, acres of marvelous vineyards and rock construction that allows to you and your beloved ones to enjoy a privileged view of the ocean and the mountains, all of this in one very romantic spot.

Historic Adamson House

This historical beach house has a Spanish air, and it’s decorated with frescos and the ocean's view to get your event a very romantic and belle époque air.

The vibrant tiles and hand-painted floor to ceiling mosaics are also perfect for the pictures and scenery you are looking for to make your event even more memorable, and the reason why this venue is one of the most popular from the Malibu area.

Casa di Pietra

An oceanfront state made for the exclusive Hollywood glam that can attend weddings to up to 150 guests. Complemented with a fantastic pool and killing ocean views that are enhanced by elegant and sober interiors, is perfect for the fog season with a hint of mystery, glamour, and beauty.

Cypress Sea Cove

This large venue – ready to take up to 700 guests if you want a big fat celebration – has everything Malibu is known for: unforgettable views, astounding landscapes, and a perfect cottage to embody all your memories.

Cure Salon & Spa

We save one of the best for the last. And that’s because Cure Salon and Spa offers a very modern and stylish saloon to have up to 200 guests or an intimate celebration with the traditional ocean views expected from the Malibu coast in a perfectly centered location – right across from Nobus at the main Avenue of Malibu the Pacific Coast Highway -.

Why this is our preferred spot? Because Cure has all the services and needs in one place, which makes it easier to plan a perfect wedding all with the help of experts in the area.

Cure holistic experience: from an unforgettable wedding to a healthy marriage

As Cure’s owner and medical concierge Dr. Benja say, the I Do part is the easiest part; it’s the living happily ever after which requires the work, this phrase resume Cure’s philosophy over weddings at their place.

Always focus on their patients' and visitors' well-being, Dr. Benja and her husband created Cure in order to offer advanced medical techniques to treat several conditions but also has a refugee to everyone that wants to meet better health while experiencing new experiences to recover the overall glow.

The complete experience offered by Cure Salon & Spa allows offering just the best services to their guests in order to satisfy their customer’s needs.

What do they offer?

At Cure Salon and Spa, they had their ultimate wedding service for glamorous couples ready to explore all the aspects of Malibu’s esthetics.

Beginning with the Bridal Shower until the wedding reception, Cure's offer is beautiful for couples that want to enjoy all the allure related to one of the most dazzling states from the USA.

Invite and gather all your dear family and friends to enjoy the many comforts offered by Cure, its experts and its installations: begin with the bridal shower at Cure terrace with Nobu’s selected menu, some mimosas at hand, robes and family pics getting ready to enjoy the big event.

Follow the celebration of your love with a stylish bachelorette party bash with your girlfriends. Enjoy massages, sets of skincare or haircare sets to get pampered just as you deserve and ready for the attendance of the Rehearsal dinner surrounded with your loved ones from 100 to 150 guests in their long 150 feet table while appreciating the perfect ocean views from the terrace.

Day of your wedding? No worries! Cure Malibu still gets your back with a complete Salon service – nails, hair and make up for the big day – at the hands of specialists and experts that attend top celebrities and studio clients to ensure you look superb on your Big Day. Your wedding ceremony and wedding reception can be made as an intimate celebration or a big bash: Cure Salon is ready to attend to up to 200 people with ample parking, large views and entertaining space for all your needs.

After the Big Event comes to the Big Work: Cure’s couple services

Dr. Benja and her handful of experts are ready to offer you a couple's health package to help you to get the best of your relationship.

Discover and establish your marriage expectations, goals, and desires to design a strategic plan to guarantee the success of your union. Also, enjoy the support of a health concierge 24/7 to assist you in all your health and mental needs to maintain or regain your relationship’s glow.


Call us at 310-456-1458 today. 

At CURE Daily, we are here to provide you with a five-star quality salon, spa, and medical services. We are exclusively located in the heart of beautiful Malibu, California. 


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