The Skincare Product You Need That You’re Probably Not Using

Who doesn’t love a multipurpose product? The serum that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, protect your skin, and make you GLOW is the serum that many people don’t include in their skin care regimen. 

Vitamin C Serum is an antioxidant. Meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals and damaging factors. It helps to:

  • lighten hyperpigmentation
  • bring out skin’s radiance 
  • even skin tone
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

What are examples of damaging factors ? 

Bad air quality and the sun are considered two major damaging factors that your skin is exposed to on a daily basis.

Pollutants create bad air quality and speed up your skin's aging process by decreasing your skin's elasticity and irritating the skin which in turn creates wrinkles. Some common pollutants include cigarette smoke, dust, smog, vehicle exhaust and smoke from fires.

Meanwhile, the sun’s UV rays cause 90% of your skin’s wrinkles! The UV rays are very damaging to your skin and speed up the aging process.


Here's a simple daytime routine that you can use daily to incorporate vitamin C serum in your skin care regimen:

  1. Cleanse 
  2. Tone 
  4. Eye Cream 
  5. Moisturizer 
  6. Spf 30 (minimum)

Written by Isabella Rose, Aesthetician 

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