The Benefits of Massage Therapy on the Nervous System

What is the nervous system?

The nervous system serves as the body’s control and communication center. The nervous system regulates bodily processes to maintain homeostasis, keeping everything in the body in balance. It is essential to muscle and soft tissue function. The tissues of the nervous system are organized into two separate divisions : the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system is made up of all the nerve tissue outside the brain and the spinal cord, including the cranial and spinal nerves. The three different responsibilities for the nervous system help monitor input from both inside and outside the body and regulate the processes within our bodies to keep cellular metabolism in balance.

Effects of massage on the Nervous system:

  1. Increases dopamine - A pain relieving chemical in involuntary movement and clear thinking.
  2. Increases serotonin - A chemical that generally diminishes pain and appetite, regulates moods and sleep patterns, and simulates muscle contraction (Braun, M. B., & Simonson, S. J. (n.d.). Introduction to Massage Therapy).

Make it a priority to get your massage therapy regularly! Getting regular massages will help you relax and maintain your nervous system.

Written by Teri Chavez, Massage Therapist 

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