The Benefits a Medical Massage

This holiday season, CURE has the PERFECT gift for you and your loved ones. As a medically-directed facility, CURE can currently continue to provide medical massages. Click here to purchase a gift card for a medical massage! 

A medical massage is a massage where the application of a specific treatment is targeted to the specific problem your body endures with a diagnosis.

A medical massage is beneficial when you have an area that you're experiencing a specific problem with. For example, maybe you have a kink in your neck, a tension headache, or even are just suffering from everyday stress caused by working at a computer for long hours or everyday life tasks. Concentrating on that specific problem when addressed with massage therapy will bring improved circulation to that area. It will also help to get rid of muscle tension and reduce stress.

Receiving a medical massage will also be beneficial in aiding you in relaxation. Relaxation will help you get rid of stress, which can in turn help you to be more productive in your work. It will even make a happier version of you! Even if you don’t have time for an hour-long massage, a thirty minute massage can be very effective in many ways. Call CURE at 310-456-1458 to schedule an amazing massage or maybe purchase one as a gift for a friend, coworker or someone you love. We are here for you at CURE Wellness Center.

Written by Teri Chavez, Massage Therapist

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