Benefits of Swedish Massage for Urinary Incontinence

Getting older isn’t easy, and as we age there will be some of us that will acquire urinary troubles. I know that it's a tough and somewhat embarrassing subject to talk about, so let us begin the conversation at CURE! Most commonly, people experience a leaky bladder or urinary incontinence when aging. Older women who have given multiple births or gained weight during pregnancy, are those who especially are affected by this. Most men experience it when faced with anxiety, causing them to have more frequent urination.
Many older people develop urinary and bladder issues because of certain factors as we age such as: the bladder loses elasticity, the ability to hold your urine becomes reduced, difficulty to urinate can leave residual urine in the bladder, and the kidneys lose ability to condense urine as well thereby causing frequent urination or involuntary leaky bladder ( A great way to help treat urinary incontinence is a Swedish massage because it provides controlled manipulation of the body by precisely adding pressure. These massages target certain tissues, muscles or organs using tension, motion or vibration. A main benefit of the Swedish massage is enhanced relaxation, which may counteract the bladder contraction that are often the cause of an overactive bladder (
Written by Certified Massage Therapist, Teri Chavez 
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