Surfing Massages are the Secret Weapon to Improving Your Surfing

Surfing takes a lot out of your body, especially with the constant pounding of the waves and currents. This activity can often leave you with sore, tight muscles. Leaving muscles in that state can affect your bones, muscles, and nerves, which can make it challenging to be the best at surfing. Regular massage can be the way to maintain a healthy balance and posture to ease the muscles throughout your body.


At Cure Daily in Malibu, our certified massage therapist named Marco can give a surf massage that not only helps with your performance on the water but can also boost energy, invigorate muscles, stimulate the nervous system, improving healing time, maintaining flexibility, helping with concentration, decreased anxiety and increased circulation.


There are various techniques our massage therapist can offer to help reduce the injuries that are common to surfers, improve high-level performance, and enhance the recovery process of the body. There are various massages that can be used to help surfers, including:


Custom Cure Massage Treatment

Our treatments are tailored to fit your specific needs. Depending on the particular issue you're having or feeling after a surf session, Cure Daily can customize the technique, adjusting to either a deep tissue or Swedish massage to get to the root of your chronic patterns of tension or muscle aches.


Cupping Massage Treatment

If you need a deep tissue fix, cupping massage treatments are the perfect fix. Cupping is known as an ancient practice that uses the power of suction to reduce inflammation, clear toxins, loosen connective tissues, and stretch tight muscles. This is great for any surfer who suffers from overused muscles, chronic pain, joint or muscle injuries.


Stretch Therapy

Sometimes you need a full-body stretch to help relieve your muscles to improve your flexibility or range of motion. Using deep stretch therapy can help remove any lactic acid and address injuries to help promote quicker or faster recovery.



Reflexology is a type of massage that is based on applying different pressure to the ears, hands, feet. It's based on the idea that body systems and organs are connected to various body parts. The benefits of this type of massage can improve your well-being, help to reduce pain, and increase your energy.


Choose a Surfing Massage at Cure Daily in Malibu Today

The idea behind a message for surfers is to keep you in a flexible, pain-free form that helps reduce the risk of injury while increasing your range of motion. The treatment focuses on connective tissues and muscles that are used during a surfing session. It helps to delay the onset of any muscle soreness or ridding lactic acid. 


If you're ready to feel the fantastic experience of a Surfing Massage at Cure Daily and improve your surfing ability, get yourself scheduled today. Book today directly through our online portal, or call us today for your surfing massage.

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