Organize your fridge for healthy eating

When you open your fridge, does it look like a war zone of tangled boxes, messy containers, and condiments?

Here are some simple tips for organizing your fridge for healthy eating:

Trim, Rinse, Dry, & Stack

After you shop, trim, rinse and dry your fruits and veggies. Arrange them in bowls or stackable glass containers with lids. While you may want to put whole fruits (apples, pears, oranges, etc.) in the fruit bin, you can cut up whole pineapples, melons, and other fruits placing them in containers on the same shelf, so they are visible the moment you open the fridge door.

You might also clean and trim veggies and place them into easy-to-grab bags for snacks on the go.

For fruits and veggies that are looking tired, store them in the freezer to use in smoothies.

Pre-cook whole grains

After a busy day at the office, who wants to come home and cook up some rice that might take 30-45 minutes?  Rice holds up great if you cook it beforehand and place it in a glass container with a lid.

Toss any outdated condiments

If your fridge door is overloaded with unsightly, sticky containers and jars, do a spring cleaning. Aim for purchasing condiments that are all natural, Non-GMO and low in sugar and sodium. 

Re-Think what you drink

Toss the sodas, sweetened juices, and diet drinks. Instead, load up a pitcher of water with freshly cut lemon, lime, and cucumber (or other veggie or fruit to your liking).

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