Mother's Day BOGO

If you are looking forward to a special spa session with a great massage or facial treatment, Cure Daily is your best option. For the ultimate Mother's Day celebration, enjoy one of the various services offered at Cure Daily in our luxurious and relaxing Malibu location. This Mother's Day, consider purchasing one of our BOGO gift cards and get a 50% discount on your next service purchase. 


At Cure Daily, we provide a sublime experience for today's busy moms despite the everyday bustle and hustle. We aim to enhance our client's physical and mental well-being through our combination of traditional and modern medical services.


Wellness Services from Cure Daily

In our world-class spa, massage, and facial service centers, Cure Daily offers integrative therapy for your physical well-being. Away from all the noise and business of your daily life, our various sessions make you feel relaxed and renewed. If you're unsure which services you want to enjoy during Mother’s Day, here are some recommendations:


1.        Massage and Bodywork: To take charge of your health and physical well-being, Cure Daily offers integrative therapy and massage services. Here are a few of the services you can receive.

  • Stretch Therapy: Cure Daily offers extensive full-body stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups in your body. It is excellent for flexibility and improving body motion. 
  • Classic Massage Treatment: Cure daily offers classic massage treatment to address specific body needs. 
  • Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage Treatments: For deep tissue and Swedish massage treatments, Cure Daily's certified massage specialists are trained to relieve muscle tensions and leave you feeling refreshed. 

2.        Facial Services: Another great experience you can gift your mom on Mother’s Day is any of our facial services. Cure Daily medical treatment provides the care that your skin needs for nourishment and restoration. Our facial service offers excellent choices to compliment every skin type. For detoxifying, a charcoal mask and sublime acids penetrate your pores and dissolves blackheads. For facial nourishment, Cure Daily offers classic steam, extraction, and a blend of rich ingredients for a full facial glow. 


Restoring your facial beauty to control the fine facial lines and facial wrinkles can be done through our combination of vitamins and other organic products. Cure Daily offers expert opinions and products to restore your facial and body skin.


Discount Sale for The Special Mothers In Our Lives

For the perfect Mother’s Day celebration, Cure Daily offers a buy one get 50% discount for the next service you are purchasing. You can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above in our local Malibu spot at a pocket-friendly rate. At your convenience, you can book the service you desire directly through Cure Daily's website. 

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