Massage Treatments For Heart Disease Patients

Did you know that you can still receive massage therapy even if you have experienced heart problems, or even heart failure? In fact, it is healthy for your heart to receive manual therapy treatment. Some of the treatments that I suggest for someone who experiences heart issues are: lymphatic massage on the lower part of the body, reflexology on the hands and feet, or even a total back massage. Some tips I have to promote a healthy heart are: avoid over-exerting yourself without recovering, exercise daily which can include taking long walks, avoid sugary drinks, take deep breaths during the day, schedule alone time, find good ways to destress daily, take hot baths and get fresh air! I hope this helps!
Here at Cure Wellness Center, a massage can be curtailed based on your heart health! Our massages are physician approved and we are eager to welcome you to receive a massage. 
Written by: Donna, Massage Therapist

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