Malibu: The Perfect Place to Make One-Stop for Your Well-Being

When you think in the city of Malibu, California, the first thing it comes to mind is the beautiful sunsets, the beaches and the wonderful landscapes for enjoying and relaxing. But what you may not know it’s that Malibu has superb places to shop, relax and nurture. Here’s a scope to make your trip to Malibu in a one-stop for your well-being


When you think about traveling, you probably think of visiting new places with several activities to do or places to meet to disconnect from your daily life.

Thanks to the attention that Malibu has as consequences of its enriched history, beautiful and natural landscapes and its outstanding location in one of the best part of California – just 25 minutes away from LA – many entrepreneurs and enthusiast just as local-owner citizens are investing in opening a vast diversity of restaurants, boutique hotels, and many beauty choices for their visitors.

When thinking of a relax and nurture destination, Malibu has it all

Malibu is a famous place that logically stands out of many other thanks to its natural beauty, been unmarked between the Santa Monica’s mountains and the California beaches that drawn surfers, environmental enthusiasts, lovers and everyone that wants to enjoy a place with no seasons and wonderful sunrises to experience the many choices available in this 27-mile city.

Alongside the beauty market offer is very wide, allowing their tourists to enjoy several choices to get beauty treatments and products all ready to improve their overall health and looks. The esthetical industry is the number-two reason why more people keep on visiting this corner side preferred for the sun each year.

Lunch by the sea at Nobu

Among all the places you must visit in the California Area, the Nobu experience is one of the musts for your trip.

The Nobu restaurant located in Malibu is right up into one of the most wonderful beach areas of the city, which means you will enjoy both: delightful dinner or lunch with outstanding views all willing to take your breath away.

Available only for reservations if your interest is taking off the best from Malibu’s sunsets, the dining area is ready to offer the best landscapes of the city along with the most delicious seafood fusion experience between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine that will guarantee a night full of surprises.

Some clients highly recommend beginning with the Salmon Sashimi plate along with the Black Cod Miso, but if you are more traditional, you can taste the fried burgers that are mouthwatering and get some cocktails from the bar area to enjoy the perfect night date.

This restaurant also counts with some vegetarian choices among the menu and some Sunday brunch that will make you come back for more.


Looking for a one-stop for your well-being? Malibu has it at Cure Salon & Spa

Cure Salon & Spa is, among their competitors, the most reliable choice for couples, families, and singles in order to spend a few hours or day washing away from their bodies and minds all the stress, anxiety, and worries that the regular day can be brought to us.

CURE Salon & Spa was born as a couple's initiative to find “the cure” from all the diseases and affections related to the modern lifestyle. Along with the beaches and the comfort, Doctor Benja and her husband Mike McCauley found the way to integrate medical treatments with traditional house calls and modern trends on overall health to offer their visitants an integrated solution to restore and improve their overall health.

As their mission states: “There’s a cure for just about everything." The reason why Dr. Benja decided to establish with her couple this complete answer for everyone’s needs is to help all their visitants or patients the ultimate solution for their health problems by offering life-changing products and services to guarantee their health improve.


Why choose Cure Salon & Spa?

Cure Salon & Spa counts with a professional staff of doctors and physicians willing to help you regain your overall health, and, by that, taking back your natural skin glow, rejuvenating your body and spirit with all their services.

Among the amenities and the modern installations that count with awesome views to enjoy and share, Cure Salon & Spa also counts with the full menu from Nobu's Malibu restaurant so you can enjoy all the city experience in one place.


Their services and promos

Either if you are thinking about a basic salon routine, a full day of spa, or more in-depth treatments, the people from Cure has all you need in their services, promos, and personnel ultimately qualified to engage your health goals.

From hair care routines to day or monthly packages, Cure has all you can think – or need – in order to stay pretty and healthy. The cure is your glamorous one-stop to shop and to have the special treatment you deserve for your well-being.


Give Yourself some RRR: Rest, Relaxation and Recovery with the help of Cure Salon & Spa

The skincare routines at Cure Salon & Spa are famous among Malibu’s citizens because they offer some age-defying techniques with the help of the best in technology in order to assure your comfort and satisfaction.

Some of them are the Healthy Glow Facial and the Facial Cure, the two most demanded services, but you can also choose the Cure Custom Facial service to get personalized attention for the areas of your skin that need it the most while you relax at the hands of professionals.

Massages and body works are the perfect complement for the facial restructure: they consist of full body attention with very effective and specific techniques that will help you to feel relax and regain your strength and glow. Some of the most famous is the Full Body Scrub, the Detox Regenerative in order to cleanse and balance your body for the body works and the Cure Custom Massage and Deep Tissue Massage for the massage options in order to incorporate advanced techniques with experienced hands to get your relaxation goals.

Among these services, Cure Salon & Spa counts with incredible promos such as "pick your two favorite two," daily packages, or monthly memberships for you to choose the best option in order to get the maximum benefits from your Malibu visit. With attractive choices as the Immune Booster a blend from the mixed of tea tree and eucalyptus oils to help you with its antiviral properties, the De-stressor and the Jet Lag eliminator two different ways to get you soothe and relax with a special mix of oils you will definitely not fail with any of the choices you can make at Cure Salon & Spa.

Your special day with the help of Cure Salon & Spa

Make sure your wedding day and your vows become a wonderful and unforgettable experience with the help of Cure staff, services, and scenarios.

At Cure Salon & Spa, you can fulfill all your fantasies for the special day: beginning with a bridal shower among Cure terrace, you and your girlfriends can enjoy some mimosas, relaxing massage, and delicious lunch or dinner with the help of Cure's staff. Followed by that, a bachelorette party full of wellness treats or a toast for the rehearsal dinner with the Ocean views behind you and your loving ones is always the perfect way to start up your special celebration.

On the day of your wedding, you definitively want someone taking care of every detail in order to enjoy the most of your special day. Take it easy with Cure services that offers all the beauty services – hands, makeup, hair, nails – for you and your girls look stunning and go into your wedding celebration and reception in one of the most exclusive places in all Malibu: the Cure location which can attend up to 200 people with all the comforts for you to have a ceremony everyone will never forget.

Visit their official Cure Salon & Spa website in order to get more information for the products, services, and packages that can adjust to your needs and desires. 


Call CURE at 310-456-1458 to schedule your next salon, spa, or medical appointment with us! 

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