Malibu: The City That Takes Your Breath and Worries Away

Located in a privileged place of the California State, with a Mediterranean climate and full of entertaining, health-centric and other industries choices, the “Bu” as warmly nicknamed by surfers and locals has a fluent beauty and cosmetic alternatives that are more than welcome to meet and enjoy.

The city of Malibu is known for beautiful beaches and awesome landscapes also for being the home of many famous Hollywood stars but, as a part of California’s most important attraction, this lovely town located at the west coast of Los Angeles counts with a fluent beauty and cosmetic industry that makes it the number one choice to visit in and let all your problems to go away.

If your idea of travel includes a getaway with style and plans for trying the ultimate cosmetic or relaxes trends, the Bu is where you need to be. Surrounded by boho and stylish cities, with anesthetic halo and an inclination to the beauty industry, Malibu is also a destiny to discover and enjoy the latest trends in the wellness field along with gastronomy, beaches and mountain views that will take your breath away along with the daily stress.

In this special, we are going to take you to the best places you need to be to say, "I ride the bu’s waves, and it was superb."

Malibu basics: The landscapes you can’t miss

It's sure that when you hear Malibu's name, all you can think of is the fabulous beaches and amazing ocean views in every corner. That is certainly true: Malibu counts with a 27-mile length of esthetic beauty made by incredible beaches and delightful mountains where you can hike, surf, or stay to enjoy the marvels of nature.

Here’s a scope of what you will find after you left downtown LA and go 25 minutes along the road:

El Matador State beach

El Matador State beach is recommended among visitors; this incredible beach has giant rocks with amazing forms coming directly from the sand that creates stunning photos and scenarios along with the sunlight and the astonishing ocean's coast making it the perfect place to spend a day swimming, taking a sunbath and photographing the scene.

Surfrider beach

This option is for the ones seeking some adventure in their lives! Located next to the Malibu Pier, its long and steady waves attracts experienced surfers and enthusiast. So, if you want to give it a try, rent a surfboard and a lesson from the experts or watch them dominate the waves while you enjoy the ocean and the view.

Malibu’s gastronomy: your palate will ask for more

Thanks to the ocean generosity, you can enjoy a wonderful mixture of many country's cuisines among the Malibu Pier, all linked to seafood and its marvels.

Malibu Farm

This restaurant is a must-go for all the visitors and tourists in the area. If you want to be delightful and impress, the menu and the location will get you there.

Malibu farm is a cute café located along the Malibu Pier with a menu that has it all. Local gastronomy along with organic eats and some fusion plates, you can’t get anything wrong from them. Enjoy white sangria with the sweeping views of the ocean in both directions during a hot day.

Nobu Malibu

The Nobu experience has many devoted followers around the cities where it comes, so it’s safe to say this will happen at this place.

Located in a very privileged area of Malibu, you can enjoy the magnificent ocean views while dining one of its incredible fusion plates that are already loved by many around the country. So, dress your best beach elegant look and head to enjoy a different gastronomic experience at Nobu.

Malibu Wellness is awarded around the world

The advantages of being surrounded by nature allow Malibu to enjoy many locations to get comfortable and to drain all the anxiety and stress away.

The wilderness consisted of mountains, canyons, beaches, bays, stunning rock formations, and sunset coast is what attracts many tourists per season looking new and exciting ways to share with Mother Nature.

As this is, locals are more than happy to impulse and use this marvels on their favor by creating a wellness business in which priorities are being sustainable while allows visitors to recharge their batteries and feel renewed.

The Ranch at Live Oak is the perfect example of this explanation. Awarded by many magazines and experts around the globe, it one of the places preferred by celebrities when they want to get some private time to reconnect with themselves.

This complex has a hotel, spa, and gym along with a boot camp week that you definitely will enjoy by leaving all your techs behind to regain your inner glow. Go back to your routine feeling renewed with its enriched diet and itinerary specially made to take care of your overall health.

Another famous complex to take care of all the details of your health by offering a holistic point of view that involves esthetics, massages, meditation, and medical checkup is offered for the Cure staff at one of the most renowned roads in Malibu.

Directed by Dr. Benja and her husband, they gather the best knowledge and technology advances to offer their visitors a complete set of options to take care of themselves by expert hands.

In other words, Malibu is the place to be

Whether it is a pleasure trip, a business one, or a wellness route, Malibu is the right place to engage the most nurturing activities for each interest.

The natural beauty along with its location – only 25 minutes away from the elegant LA -, with Mediterranean weather always sunbathed and ready to go, Malibu offers an agenda filled with interesting activities to get your hands full.

If you and your group want to make a fancy tour, you can choose over a Wine Hike in Malibu, a private visit to the Malibu estate wine tasting & the ATV Vineyard or a Private tour from LA to Malibu for wine taste. Get luxury in a Malibu Coast Sunset Cruise get away with a 63feet yacht to enjoy more of the ocean or rent a 30min helicopter tour over LA.

If you are interested in getting along with the rich and famous, tours over their mansions can be acquired, some of them even include some private beaches to take pictures or a bath. 

Finally, the most exclusive marks take place in this corner of the sun-kissed marvel. Brands like Osea, Nobu, and Cure have their franchises across the main avenue of this town, making visitors easy to locate them and privileged to enjoy all their benefits first hand.

Our recommendation is, if you are looking for a place with amazing landscapes, modern, chic, cultural enriched and eco-friendly for visit, relax or working Malibu is the place to be if you want to figure on the map.

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