How Reflexology In Your Feet Can Treat Your Urinary System

As part of the Eastern medicine modality, reflexology can assist in improving the function of the kidneys and bladder, among all the other organs. Truth be told, reflexology is a method of massage that reaches back in the ancient times which is known to be very relaxing and, when performed correctly, can send positive signals from your foot to help the organs function better. Did you know that you have over 7,000 nerve endings in the bottom of your foot which can be used to treat your kidneys and bladder with reflexology? There are many acupuncture points on the feet and nearly every organ system in the body have corresponding reflex zones to be treated with reflexology. By receiving foot reflexology treatments, you can promote wellness to your kidneys and bladder.
During manual manipulation of foot reflexology, the areas on the foot that correspond to the bladder and kidney can feel gritty. This feeling can indicate malfunction. In fact, massages are a great indicator of organ malfunction when doing reflexology. Some ways to keep up urinary system health are: drinking plenty of water, drinking clear juices, urinating before and after sex, wearing loose fitting clothing, wearing cotton underwear, performing kegel exercises, eating foods with low acidity content, and exercising daily.
Written by Massage Therapist, Donna Todd

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