How Does Stress Affect Our Skin and How Do I Prevent It?

Mental health is so important when it comes to skin health. Stress is a skin KILLER! Negative stress damages our mental health, skin health, and our overall health.

How does stress damage my skin?

A few things it can do is speed up the aging process, cause breakouts, darken undereyes, flare up psoriasis, worsens eczema, etc! Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers says, “When you feel stressed, your sympathetic nervous system releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline into your body”. Cortisol causes acne breakouts. 

How can I prevent stress?

You can’t prevent stress. Stress can come in both negative and positive forms, and is something we cannot avoid. However, we can learn how to best manage our stress and take care of ourselves as we process it. 

How to manage stress to prevent skin damage. 

  1. DEEP BREATHING: You need to learn how to practice breathing. Your brain needs oxygen to survive! So deep breathing is a great way to lower stress as it sends signals to your brain to “relax”. 
  2. SEA SALT/ LAVENDER BATHS: This is an awesome way to relax, detoxify, and destress your body. Lavender aromatherapy has shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Adding this uplifting aroma into your salt bath is a perfect combination.
  3. GOOD SKIN CARE ROUTINE: Have a great skin routine made personally for you by an aesthetician or skincare expert. Having a good routine can prevent, correct, and protect.
  4. Cold face rollers: Using this to massage your face is an amazing thing to do. Massaging your face improves skin’s elasticity and distressed your face muscles. 
  5. SPOT TREATMENT BENZOYL PEROXIDE: After talking to your esthetician, spot treatment your stress breakouts with benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide  kills acne causing bacteria deeper in the skin. 

Written by Isabella Rose Mercado, Aesthetician 

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