Holiday recovery with IV Therapy

Feeling low energy on your Monday back to the office? It is always tough to come back to work after a long holiday weekend that included indulging in high calorie foods and alcohol as well as limited sleep. One way to recover quickly is to schedule an IV Therapy treatment. At Cure Daily, we have our IV Nutrient Specialist that can craft any IV cocktail to alleviate any holiday hangover. "Typically, clients need instant hydration after a holiday weekend", states Chanel Ferrante, N.P. But she adds, "There are so many more nutrients I can add to customize and address very specific needs for each client. The best benefit for IV Therapy is that the nutrients are transported directly into the bloodstream thus avoiding stomach upset or loss of potency. Many clients opt for the Malibu Myers Cocktail or the Classic Malibu Glow straight from our IV menu."


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