Go NUTS for your health


Nuts are fabulous for a snack and add more flavor and crunch to a meal. Besides being delicious, they’re also great for your health, helping to control blood sugar levels and offering a host of vitamins and nutrients.  Because most nuts are high in calories, research recommends a small daily handful. Listed below are some of our favorite nuts at CURE.


Rich in antioxidants and super plant source of omega-3’s, walnuts are known to provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They’re also known for a host of health benefits including decreasing inflammation (which has been the source linked to many diseases including cancer), helping to increase the good bacteria in your stomach, and due to the fact walnuts contain ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), they also help stimulate fat loss to promote a healthy body weight.


Toss a handful of pistachios in a smoothie, in a salad, or mix with some veggies. This little, delicious gem rich in fiber and lower in calories than some other nuts,  makes you feel more satisfied after eating them, which aids in weight control.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts contain more heart-healthy monounsaturated fat per serving than any other nut and are perfect for aiding in lowering cholesterol and assisting with blood pressure.


Almonds, which contain more fiber than any other nut, are also high in Vitamin E.


High in iron, zinc, and magnesium, cashews are known for boosting the immune system, and studies have linked them to helping to improve memory.

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