Father's Day at CURE

Honoring fatherhood and celebrating paternal bonds is the main reason for the holiday known as Father’s Day. To show love to fathers on this day, there are services from Cure Daily that provide a luxurious and relaxing experience. Cure Daily offers a local and lavish relaxation spot to help the dads in your life relax and relieve your muscles of root stress.


To make the day special for fathers, we are offering a special promotion where you can buy one gift card and get one free gift card worth $100. By capitalizing on this promotion, the special dad in your life can get the services they need to relax.


Massage and Wellness Services from Cure

Your muscles deserve the best care and treatment for better muscle relaxation and stress relief. We understand this at Cure Daily, and we offer integrative therapy treatments for muscle massages and other wellness services. Our bodywork sessions get to the root muscle ache you are experiencing and helps stretch it out for instant relief. 


For Father’s Day, here are some recommendations you should consider for the luxurious and relaxing experience you crave:


1.        Detox, Nourish and RestoreThe skin detox is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. A blend of a charcoal mask and active acids helps kill off bacteria on your skin and dissolve blackheads. This process leaves you with purified and hydrated skin that helps to nourish and restore your skin. This skin detox takes care of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin sunburns.

2.        Bodywork and Massages: Our integrative therapy sessions help you take control of your wellness and health. Cure Daily offers different forms of massage and bodywork services. These therapy sessions offer deep and extensive body massage to relieve tension in your muscles. Cure Daily also offers customized massage treatments that are tailored to address specific needs. After the massage, you can choose to relax in one of Cure Daily's luxurious saunas.

3.        Spa Services: Our SPA services offer you an incredible all-around experience that gives you instant refreshment and satisfaction. Our Spa services offer a serene and outdoor Malibu experience to enjoy your father’s day celebration. You'll enjoy various benefits like improved blood flow and circulation, relieve pains and muscle aches, promote better sleep, and so much more.


Discount Offer at Cure Daily for Father's Day

For this Father’s Day celebration, CURE is offering a buy one get one free  gift card promotion. Buy any gift card and receive $100 gift card for free! You can use the gift cards you earn from these purchases to enjoy our luxurious service at a discount. You can book any of our services directly from our website to enjoy any of the above recommendations at your convenience.


Celebrate at Cure Daily This Father's Day

Fathers are special, and we value their service to family and society. At Cure Daily, we take this personal timeout experience seriously. We offer the best luxurious experience to help ease your muscle tension through our different services. Visiting any of our service centers and de-stressing is a great way to relax.

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