Enjoy the Benefits of Yoga at Cure Daily

At Cure Daily, we offer yoga classes on our ocean view deck in Malibu that are suited to all levels and feature a diverse range of styles. Our yoga classes combine poses, meditation, and breathing techniques to reduce stress, balance mental health, increase your wellness and encourage relaxation. There are multiple benefits for both your physical and mental health that can come from practicing Yoga at our Malibu location with an ocean view, including:


  1. Improves Your Strength

When you’re practicing the different poses in our Yoga classes, you’ll have to challenge yourself in new and surprising ways, such as supporting yourself with your arms or balancing on one leg. Holding these poses for long periods of time can help to build your endurance and muscular strength. As you become stronger, you can expect to see a toner figure in the mirror.


  1. Calms Your Mind

While Yoga seems to be a physically intense activity, it can also significantly impact your mind. By concentrating on your body’s movement and deep breathing, you're helping to calm your mind. Plus, with the meditation techniques you’ll learn, you’ll be able to disengage from your thoughts and focus on your breathing.


  1. Increases Self-Confidence

You’re able to get a better awareness of your own body as you improve your mind-body connection through Yoga. During the practice of Yoga, you will learn how to make subtle and small moments to put you in touch with your body and improve your alignment. You’ll know how to stop judging your body and instead start accepting it without judgment. Over time, this helps to boost your self-confidence and leads you to feel more comfortable.


  1. Reduces Stress

While doing Yoga, you’ll be engaging in physical activity, which is known to help decrease any type of stress you may be feeling. Your troubles will seem to drift away during your yoga sessions because of the concentration and focus required during the practice. This will help to take you away from the troubles you’re facing in your life and help guide your mind to a better, more tranquil place.


  1. Improving Flexibility

Stretching in new ways and moving your body more frequently will help you become a more flexible individual. If you often suffer from tight areas or a limited range of motion, Yoga can help. You’ll find yourself more flexible through your hips, shoulders, back, and hamstrings the more you practice Yoga. This can help anyone, from athletes to those who never participate in exercise. Improving your flexibility is essential for any age group, especially as you start to get older or spend a lot of your time sitting.


Choose Yoga at Cure Daily

When you choose to participate in yoga classes at Cure Daily, you’re investing in both your mental and physical health. Plus, with our beautiful facilities overlooking the ocean in Malibu, you’re going to find the tranquility you need. Get started by booking one of our yoga classes today!

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