CURE Daily Salon Treatments

CURE offers complete hair health services such as hair treatment, cutting, coloring, and brightening benefits at our Malibu Salon. Achieving and maintaining your hair's health and texture is possible with our array of services. 


Our Incredible CURE Salon Treatment Selections

Lightening your hair for summer or getting that style you desire is so easy with Cure Daily's Salon Treatments. Our salon services and treatments help you retain your hair health and preserve the texture and color regardless of your hair type or color. The service offering from Cure Daily includes:


  1. Ladies Cut and Style: Cure stylists provide the best technique for styling your hair and adding products to help you maintain your hairstyle and health. At Cure Daily, we have the right tools and hair products for every hair type. Our stylist's expert knowledge and experience help to maintain your hair in its natural form while preventing any mix-up between fine and thick hair. If you desire to get a haircut, you are also in the right place. Our stylists are capable of giving you the style you desire.


  1. Gentlemen Cut and Style: Styling men's hair is also part of the services we offer. Getting a regular haircut helps your hair texture and general facial appearance. A good haircut also provides a solid foundation for executing the facial features you want. Whether you have thick or fine hair, our stylists are capable of handling the styling of your hair after your cut.


  1. Kid's Cut and Style: From classic cuts to short cuts, your kid's hairstyle is a fundamental identity for them. At Cure Daily, we provide kids cuts in any style you prefer for your kids. Stylists at Cure understand the right products and tools to treat and style your kids' hair.


  1. Styling: For a superior hairstyling experience, choose Cure Daily. Our stylists have all the necessary equipment and tools to give you the hairstyle you desire. 


  1. Single Coloring Process: A single coloring process involves applying a new color or toner all over your head. This creates a new base color for your hair and is a common color treatment for covering grey colors or adding shininess to your dull hair. It is also essential that this process is done correctly. To avoid partial coloring and color toners, our knowledgeable stylists from Cure Daily will take care of your single coloring process for you. 


  1. Gloss Treatment: A gloss treatment is a temporary treatment that helps you to maintain the health of your hair and the color shade. The gloss treatment keeps your hair looking even while increasing the shine of your hair. If you've wanted to brighten hair for summer, our gloss treatment option is best for you.


  1. Wedding Trial Consultation

For your perfect wedding styling and hair treatment, Stylists at Cure Daily can provide you with the best styling and hair treatment services. For the hairstyle you desire, Cure provides wedding trial consultations to advise you on your hairstyle choice.


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