CURE Concierge: Benefits of Concierge Medicine

The options regarding health services are wide and although they offer quality services, how many medical centers can provide personalized and exclusive plans for all of their patients? CURE offers personalized, exclusive and modern high-quality service for each patient.

CURE Spa & Salon offers Concierge Medicine services. CURE guarantees quality medical services in sophisticated environments, providing each patient with ideal spaces for rest and recovery.

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine consists of individual and exclusive services for patients who opt for them through membership. In CURE Concierge, through its elegant and comfortable facilities, patients who enjoy CURE Concierge membership have the possibility of having specialized and high-quality medical care at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world in direct communication with Dr. Lisa Benya.


Benefits of Concierge Medicine

  • Direct primary care

A doctor of traditional practice attends many more patients a year compared to a counseling doctor, for this reason, the care, and follow-ups of a traditional doctor are not fully individualized, the counseling doctor attends fewer patients and therefore can devote more time and dedication to his patients. Concierge Medicine goes beyond the treatment and control of diseases, in CURE a better lifestyle is promoted, which guarantees a prolonged state of physical and mental well-being.

  • Direct communication 24/7

Due to the exclusive group of patients treated, counseling doctors can use other tools to monitor patients. In CURE concierge there are not only phone numbers and emails, but we also offer the possibility of primary medicine through video calling, where any patient can easily get all the benefits of medical consultation, from anywhere in the country and the world through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • Exclusive and modern facilities

Traditional medical centers focus only on offering services for the treatment of diseases. The Concierge Medicine service offered by CURE, the preventive care of patients is an absolute priority, the environment where patients receive care is fundamental, for that reason the CURE spaces are strategically designed to stimulate relaxation, tranquility, medical care, and well-being to improve the quality of life of each patient.

  • High-quality services

The health provided by medical insurance is more expensive compared to that offered by the Concierge Medicine, and this is not synonymous with quality, the services available at CURE Concierge go beyond preventive medicine, there are also more specialized treatment options in Allied hospitals Due to the importance of personalized service, the response time is faster than the service offered by medical insurance companies, because prior approval is not necessary for the performance of the procedures.

The patient has the freedom to opt for the membership that best suits their needs and budget, with the possibility of modifying certain aspects of the membership, this allows the patient to acquire a complete plan to achieve their goals.

The relationship for the payment of medical services is direct with the health center because there are no intermediaries, the prices are usually lower and proportional to the quality and type of services provided.


Why is CURE Concierge the best option of personalized care medicine?

Many wellness centers can offer aesthetic care, but CURE groups external and internal care, offering support in the processes of loss and weight control, recovery of diseases or surgical procedures, support in mental illness and guides in project planning of personal growth.


What are the care programs offered at CURE Concierge?

The sophisticated combination of elegance and quality health makes it possible for CURE to care for its founder Dr. Lisa Benya and all the specialized staff of the health center, the availability of several care plans without distinction of quality between them. Enjoy a specialized health service adjusted to your needs.

Health is a long-term investment and investing in CURE guarantees disease treatment, prevention, and health care. CURE concierge is an exclusive, modern and sophisticated medical care option available for each patient.

  • Weight loss

The weight loss process is based on the specialized accompaniment of a highly qualified nutritionist, besides, CURE concierge we offer the ProLon program, this is a novel dietary program focused on foods specially designed to promote natural and adequate nutrition, which promotes the loss of weight and increase of longevity and general well-being.e

  • Immediate attention

Our patients are the reason for our work, their well-being is our goal. The benefits of counseling at CURE include a direct connection with Dr. Benya. Communicate with us easily by calling our office phones, Skype, Facetime, Email or Google Hangouts. Our priority is the response to the needs of our patients.

Patients who require hospitalization will have available our allied hospitals such as St. John's hospital, with modern and cutting-edge facilities, which maintain the usual quality standards of CURE concierge. Our team will handle a review and visit process during hospitalization. CURE will fully coordinate the admission process.

  • Selection of specialists

Some cases require multidisciplinary medical management, CURE concierge is responsible for locating the best-qualified specialists for the care of our patients, so you will not have to worry about visiting different centers in search of trained doctors, CURE will facilitate specialized medical care based on of each patient's time.


CURE Concierge

CURE concierge bases its programs and services to benefit its patients, for that reason it always provides modern care, guaranteeing direct contact with the patient through specialized medical consultation, which will allow for thorough and accurate examinations, to achieve effective diagnoses and appropriate treatments.

Concierge Medicine favors creating a direct, firm and prolonged relationship with each patient, CURE concierge seeks the recovery of each patient so that they can adopt better lifestyles that allow them to live healthily.


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