Botox Injections to Treat Urinary Incontinence

Many of you may know that Botox injections are performed to relax facial muscles thereby reducing and softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that the FDA approved Botox injections to be used for the treatment of urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence is a condition that occurs when the bladder muscles are hyperactive leading to the constant urge to urinate and/or leakage of urine without warning. Injecting Botox directly into the bladder muscle may be an effective and safe way to treat this problem.  Dr. Victor Nitti, vice chair of the department of urology at NYU Langone Medical Center stated “we found that Botox has a good, long-lasting, safe and consistent effect over time among patients who do initially respond well to it and choose to continue treatment”.

Although we do not offer this treatment at CURE, we can offer referrals to Urologists performing this treatment! We continue to offer Botox injectables for treatment of migraines and fine lines and wrinkles, call to book: 310-456-1458. 

Written by Nurse Kim Gillespie, Medical Spa

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