Benefits of Massage Therapy for the Urinary System

What is the urinary system & how does it work?

The structures of the urinary system accomplish many tasks: they filter the blood to remove chemical wastes and eliminate the waste in the form of urine. The system regulates the volume of blood, pH of the body fluids, and red blood cell formation in the red bone marrow. The kidneys, within the urinary system, control blood volume by regulating how much water is lost in the urine. The urinary system goes through a series of steps to eliminate chemical wastes in the form of urine. Once the urine has been produced, it travels from the kidneys through a pair of tubes called the ureters, to the urinary bladder. Urine is stored in the bladder temporary, then is carried to the outside environment through a tube called the urethra.

How is massage therapy related to the urinary system?

The effects of massage therapy result in more cellular and chemical waste to be eliminated through the urine. Massages encourage smooth muscle contractions of the urinary bladder to eliminate more urine. This is why often times after your massage, your massage therapist will ask you to drink lots of water. Drinking water will also help flush built up waste, toxins, and fluid retention. Tips to keep your urinary system healthy is to remember to keep your body hydrated, and come to CURE for regular massages!

Written by Teri Chavez, Certified Massage Therapist 
Photo: Russell Sadur / Getty Images

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