Acupressure Massage for your Kidneys?!

A few years ago I was having a great massage when suddenly my therapist started performing acupressure on my kidneys. At first I was surprised at how it felt, it didn’t hurt but there was a satisfying pressure that seemed a little foreign to me at that moment. As I did my research, I found that the benefit of this technique is to "wake up the kidneys" so to speak.

My therapist told me how I could continue with acupressure on my kidneys at home by myself. This will keep them malleable and functional verses hard and sluggish. Kidneys don’t just filter blood and remove toxins, they also release so many different hormones that regulate salt, Ph and potassium levels. 

So, the question is: how does one give their kidneys such needed attention at home?

First, stand up and make two fists, put them behind you back, then push the lower back with the soft part of the hand that lies between the thumb and your index finger. After several reps of pushing hard from the bottom up, you can start using your thumb knuckles in small circular motion for about ten to twelve rotations. You can then flatten your hands and rub your lower back up as high as you can comfortably and down to the top of your glutes for another several reps. Doing this periodically throughout the day will not only benefit your kidneys but will also give the lower back a nice muscle release, especially if you’re like me and work at a desk for several hours at a time. Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

Written by CURE's Director, Michael Madonia 

Picture credits: @kristin_rodin @daniellebernstein

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